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Beyond Blue to Green: The Health Benefits of Contact with Nature in a Park Context

A review for Beyond Blue on the nature and mental health.

Nature's Medicine
By Dr. Dimity Williams (December 2017), Co-founder Kids In Nature Network, published in Park Watch.

Ditch the Screen for the Green

By Dr. Dimity Williams, Kids in Nature Network Co-founder, published in the Medical Observer. 

Doctors discover the "happy path" to sustainability

Nature, childhood, health and life pathways

A UK analysis of how nature in childhood impacts wellbeing throughout life.

No Time to Weight

Report by Obesity Australia, 27.3.2014.

Parents forced to walk the fine line between kids’ safety and health

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter in The Herald Sun

Planting trees, just what the doctor ordered

Research Report with Forward by Associate Professor Mardie Townsend from Deakin University, 2012.

Putting Nature back in to Nurture: The Benefits of Nature for Children

Literature review by Dr Karen Martin from The University of Western Australia, 2011.

To Make Children Healthier, A Doctor Prescribes A Trip To The Park

By Sam Sanders

After a doctor realizes many of his young patients rarely go outside to play, he comes up with ways to give them very specific recommendations for physical activity. True story from the USA.

Why Nature is So Good for Your Mental Health

By Tracy Pedersen



Do You Let Your Child Climb Trees?

Outside with Marghanita

Free to roam: Easing parents' fears about child safety and independence on the streets

By Emma Wynne

Study has found the more walkable a neighbourhood, the more likely parents are to give their kids some independence.

Helicopter Parents

The Age -"Parents today are raising their children in an era that is substantially different to that of their own parents' generation”

Mud pies and green spaces – why children do better when they can get outdoors

By Greg Mannion

Nature connection will be the next big human trend

By Daniel Crockett

Over-protected, over-organised...why kids need time to play

The Age

Great story about the changing nature of parenting and childhood featuring Kids in Nature Network and many of our colleagues and friends, including Westgarth Bushkinder, the Children's Garden at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Victoria Walks, The Heart Foundation and many others.

School drop-off: making it active and safe

ABC Health and Wellbeing

The risks of not letting children play outside

By Shelby Gull Laird and Laura McFarland-Piazza

Green Cities
Green Cities

How green cities are better for us physically and psychologically

By Erin Anderson

Nice article about how nature in cities is good for our body, mind and soul.

The Backyard Revolution: How Native Plants Can Save Children and Other Endangered Species

By Richard Louv

Wonderful blog post by Richard Louv! Is your garden or local park a great place for native wildlife to be, or could it be? Or are you involved in a great local initiative that brings local wildlife back in your area?

We're feeling for lawn in the world's most liveable city

The Age Victorian

Other articles on the benefits of being in nature

Do you get enough Vitamin N?

By The Parents Jury

Grand Tour of the Self

New York Times

"Nature deficit disorder, so called, is a symptom of being connected to everything, while being unable to connect to anything." A thoughtful commentary on technology and how it can thwart the travel experience.

Respecting Nature: How to be a Good Digital Citizen Outdoors

By Michele Whiteaker and Diana Graber


The Worldwide Children and Nature Movement: A Home for Hope

by Cheryl Charles

The Urgent Call of Nature

By Kathy Graham

Can we rekindle our connection to nature in a world "that’s increasingly noisy, dirty, crowded and manmade"? A beautiful article.

Why Walking Helps Us Think

By Ferris Jabr

In Hindi
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