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State of Nature Play 2018

Report released!

20 November 2018

Kids In Nature Network and partner organisations have concluded a state-wide report of nature play, bush kinder and outdoor learning providers and initiatives in Victoria.

Our report identifies a growing and unmet demand for nature play, outdoor learning and bush kinder programs in Victoria. The report identifies the key barriers and areas in need of support.

Download the report and infographic here (click on Pdf icons below):


Report                 Infographic

We posed the following research questions:

1. What nature play, bush kinder and outdoor learning programs are currently available in Victoria? (Who is out there and what are they doing?)

2. What are the key enablers and barriers for existing programs, and for new programs?

3. How can these groups be better assisted to achieve their goals?

The survey results are the most comprehensive dataset gathered in Victoria on the sector to date. 























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