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Our Team

Sulochi Walisinghe


Emily Barrow

Project Coordinator

Dr Cecile
van der Burgh

Co-founder & Vice-President

Dr Amy Claughton

Learning and Child Development Specialist

Jess Van der Werff


Mick Robertson

Learning and Child Development Specialist

Stephe Sweeney


Who we work with

We would like to thank the following wonderful individuals and organisations for their involvement and contribution. Without them, the Kids In Nature Network wouldn't be what it is today:

Our mentors and advisers: Jason Clarke (Minds at Work, Centre for Sustainability Leadership), Kate Nicolazzo and David Seignior (Centre for Sustainability Leadership), Prof. Kate Auty, Mary Crooks AO, Maree Davidson, Jane Martin.


Our core partners: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, The Department of Health and Human Services, Playgroup Victoria.


Our project collaborators: Mick Robertson (Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria), Doug Fargher (Westgarth Bushkinder), David Strickland (DHHS), Joey Boothby (Manningham City Council), Deb Prentice (Parks Victoria), Karen Anderson (Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Network).

Our speakers: Richard Louv, Jackie French AM, Graeme Base, Alison Lester, William Barton, Aunty Delmae Barton, Assoc. Prof. Mardie Townsend, Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin (AO), Prof. Tim Entwisle, Dr. Sue Eliott, Tim Gill, Dr. Julie Rudner, Neil Blake, Gio Fitzpatrick, Benjamin Church, Deb Prentice, Basil Natoli, David Seignior, Jason Clarke, Dr. Ben Rossiter, Dr. Ian Williams, Dr. Katleen Bagot, Dr. Robert Grenfell, Charles Solomon, Ian Sheers, Dr. Barbara Chancellor, Jonathan La Nauze, Janet Rice, Glenn Romanis, Dr. Michael Ungar, Roland Harvey, Trace Balla, Uncle Trevor Gallagher, Natalie Davey, Dean Stewart, Doug Fargher, Narelle Dabenham.

The individuals and organisations that have been part of our founding meetings in 2010-2011:

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, The Centre for Sustainability Leadership, The Heart Foundation, Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital, Zoos Victoria, Parks Victoria, Deakin University, Play Australia, La Trobe University, Vic Health, Office of the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Victoria Naturally Alliance,  Victorian National Parks Association, Victorian Outdoor Education Association, Environment Victoria, Cool Australia, CERES, Greening Australia, Kids Teaching Kids, Port Phillip Ecocentre,  Victorian Association for Environmental Education, Early Life Foundation, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY).

Get involved!


Want to get involved? We are always looking for nature enthusiasts to help us out on a casual basis, to lend a hand on days we are organising activities and nature play week. Please contact

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